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RagnaHub Online Team appreciates the donations that you spending to help the server grow. Our donors are one of the key to maintaining our supplies, Its always great to help the server grow, in the other handwe would like you to receive something for the effort, thats why we are giving extra incentives.

Donation Policies Refunds All purchased items in donations are non-refundable

Information Security All the information provided for each transactions kept confidential between the team and the purchaser.

Authenticity When donating, you must provide us your real name and accurate complete informations needed for the transactions. Feel free to contact us on our Facebook Page. Only on our Page.

Lost Purchased Items Be aware that RagnaHub Online Team will not be held liable if any funds or items is to be lost due to any reasons Ex Hacking or Scamming.

Help us cover the costs of running Our The Best High Rate Ragnarok Server, We will assure and promise you that we will do our best on providing your best expirience in playing RagnaHub Online, We will make sure that we meet your expectations in our Server. Thank you very much and God Bless us all.

Mode of Payment:

Bank Account:
BDO Savings Account

Thergen legada

Remittance: (Palawan Pera Padala)
Thergen Legada
Quezon City


Donation Details:
Transactions beyond the above given details will not be recognized as official donation and violators will be punished.

Any illegal transactions can be reported thru our official facebook page RagnaHub Online.

You can sent your proof of donation in our gmail or message us in our facebook page.
RagnaHub Online

Donation Info:

1k pesos or 20$ donate = 2k pods + 2x Epic treasure chest

2k pesos or 40$ donate = 4k pods + 4x Epic treasure chest

3k pesos or 60$ donate = 6k pods + 6x Epic treasure chest

4k pesos or 80$ donate = 8k pods + 8x Epic treasure chest

5k pesos or 100$ donate = 10k pods + 10x Epic treasure chest

Note: ( for every 5k or 100$ donates free 1x Job Ticket )

6k pesos or 120$ donates = 12k pods + 12x Epic treasure chest

7k pesos or 140$ donates = 14k pods + 14x Epic treasure chest

8k pesos or 160$ donates = 16k pods + 16x Epic Treasure Chest

9k pesos or 180$ donates = 18k pods + 18x Epic Treasure Chest

10k pesos or 200$ donates = 20k pods + 20x Epic Treasure Chest + 2x Job Ticket + 1x costume of choice upper/lower/mid

15k pesos or 300$ donates = 30k pods + 30x Epic Treasure Chest + 3x Job Ticket + 2x costume of choice upper/lower/mid

20k pesos or 400$ donates = 40k pods + 40x Epic Treasure Chest + 4x Job Ticket + 1x garment costume of choice
04 Mar, 2021