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Streamer Program

Are you a aspiring Streamer who LOVE to stream Ragnarok Online? Well this program perfectly suits you! Come and be one of our Streamers!

Objective - To help and communicate with other players. To show and promote that there is still existing best Ragnarok Online Server that is not Pay2Win.


-Minimum 500 followers and Active Page

-Must use our official Server's Streaming Overlay.

-Server description and links must be in your Stream.

Must Interact with your Viewers In-game.

-Must have Camera and Microphone. (OPTIONAL)

-Must be streaming atleast 4 hours a day and 4x a Week

-Kindly send us a message if you want to stream our Server so we can Share your Stream Page.

Weekly Supply:

Ruby Streamer Box

- 5x RagnaHub Streamer Giveaway Box

- 30x Bloodybranch

- 5x lvl10 agi scroll box

- 5x lvl10 blessing scroll box

- 5x lvl10 windwalker scroll box

- 5x lvl5 adrenaline rush scroll box

- 10x Bubblegum

- 10x convex mirror

- 2x Legendary Treasure Box

Weekly Overall Views: 5000 Views

1. Amethyst Streamer Box

- 10x RagnaHub Streamer Giveaway Box

- 50x Bloodybranch

- 10x lvl10 agi scroll box

- 10x lvl10 blessing scroll box

- 10x lvl10 windwalker scroll box

- 10x lvl5 adrenaline rush scroll box

- 20x Bubblegum

- 20x Convex mirror

- 5x Legendary Treasure Box

Weekly Overall Views: 10000 Views

2. Diamond Streamer Box

- 15x RagnaHub Streamer Giveaway Box

- 100x Bloodybranch

- 20x lvl10 agi scroll box

- 20x lvl10 blessing scroll box

- 20x lvl10 windwalker scroll box

- 20x lvl5 adrenaline rush scroll box

- 30x Bubblegum

- 30x convex mirror

- 10x Legendary Treasure Box

Monthly Incentives:

Most Viewed Streamer = 2000 pods + Donate Wep of your choice

2nd Viewed Streamer = 1000 pods + Donate Wep of your choice

3rd Viewed Streamer = 500 pods + Donate Wep of Your Choice

RagnaHub Streamer Giveaway Box

Contain the following items:

- 5x ygg box

- 2x Convex Mirror

- 2x Bubblegum

- 1x fire converter box

- 1x water converter box

- 1x wind converter box

- 1x earth converter box

- 1x +5 foods box each stats (str agi vit int dex luk )

- 1x epic treasure chest

04 Mar, 2021